I created this Zine for my class portfolio show in May. The zine was designed using InDesign and Photoshop. We printed the Zine at school and gave them as a takeaway for professionals and family who attended our show. The theme for our show was called "Womentum" and we had set aside specific brand guidelines for our brand identity to follow for all advertising collateral. During our show we also highlighted creative women leaders in the Charlotte area so it was important to highlight those women in the Zine as well. Each of the 5 women in our portfolio show had their own page in the Zine with some fun questions and answers and creative photos that we took at Camp North End as part of our social media campaign.

Cover Design representing the 5 women in my portfolio class.

Sample spread highlighting a few creative women in the Charlotte community.

Fun "Meet the Designers" spread that followed the brand guidelines for Womentum.

Creative "Table of Contents" spread highlighting a photo that our class took at Camp North End.

A bit about myself spread!

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